Data is a weird word. I know that it’s a word of Latin pedigree and that in Latin its singular form was datum. It feels so weird to think of it as plural, as I found it’s the preferred style for journals.

So when my manuscript came back with hundred of changes asking me to type data were collected, and the data suggest, it got me thinking …

In English, when you use a noun as another noun modifier, it goes in singular form. We have food science, not foods science. We have bird watchers and not birds watchers. We have number theory and not numbers theory.

So … it should Datum Science not Data Science, shouldn’t it?

I enjoy your article. Keep it up!

Can you tell us a bit more about the ridge plots? What are they good for?

Part 2 — Writing in R Markdown, inline code, code blocks, and LaTeX environments

The first thing you need to know is that Markdown is a lightweight markup language for plain text editing. R Markdown is the RStudio flavored version of Markdown.
Writing in Markdown is simple because there isn’t much to worry about other than your writing. There aren’t very many bells and whistles in R Markdown, just plain text.

To write in R Markdown you start with an R Markdown file -rather than an R script -. You’ll also need to load a couple of libraries. The `install.packages()` lines you’ll need to run only once. …

Part 1 — linguistics examples and glosses.

I’m writing my dissertation right now. I feel terrible that it took me longer than a year to get started. I loved the topic, I picked it myself. I knew what I wanted to say, but putting fingertips to keyboard was very difficult for me. There were days where I just would stare at my screen for hours, unable to start. So to cope, I started doing what I have always done when I am stressed out, I started to made fun of what’s causing me stress.

So this turns into casually writing about my research and how I am…

Erwin Lares

I’m an aikidoist, dog dad & a humanist. I started my PhD in linguistics in my forties. I speak Spanish natively and English as an L2 speaker.

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